Thursday, 8 November 2012

Some went on the floor



Things are great.

-No hot water

-Only ham an cheese sandwiches to eat

-Twenty four hour lockdown

-No phone

-No email

-No mail

Incase you're wondering why things are so great,
last night New York City was hit by hurricane Sandy.

This resulted a major blackout.

Not just for the people in the real world..

But also for me..

For the first time in two YEARS i was in complete darkness.

This might sound like fuck all but i have literally always
had some kind of light source for the whole time I've been
in here, it's never been pitch black, an being so used to there
always being something on it was fucking jarring to suddenly
have nothing!!

A VERY surreal experience!!

No light from the corridor,
everything in the room wasn't working,
all of the buildings outside the window had
completely blacked out..

Even the street lamps where out!!

It was deep!!

There was a momentary panik from some of my peers,
moronic screaming's of the apocalypse, limbs hitting surfaces,
a lot of stupidly humorous tomfoolery that I've come to expect,
it didn't last for long though..

A few minutes and everything had settled
into a very deep resounding silence..

The only slight noise you could occasionally
make out was people turning door hands,
followed by footsteps and a very jittery
pair of keys..

I don't blame him for being prang!!

Bad enough being an INMATE when there's a power cut..

What did i do?

I mostly stood by the door staring out
into the darkness, trying to see what other
motherfuckers where doing, then after my eyes
had adjusted to the dark an i could see everyone
was just standing around looking as stupid as i did..

I went by the window and enjoyed the view,
seemed like i might as well soak it in while it's here
as there probably won't be another moment like this
in my life..

At least not in this setting..

Well i HOPE there won't that's for sure!!

There was never any moment that i was worried as
to what might happen, being in such a strange predicament
as this, as i have already made peace with my place in this society
and the likelihood and if anything apocalyptic WAS to happen that
i would have any chance of survival.

I remember when there was an earthquake..

THAT shit was crazy,
watching people literally running out of the building
as it's shaking and being locked in here, people everywhere
are doing everything to get out of here and i was stuck here
completely helpless, if the motherfucker came down,
it was game over and there was fuck all i could do
about it..

So yeah..

after that happened,
i had a pretty crystal clear picture of the value
that has currently been placed on my head and
how much my life is worth while in this situation..

I took an extremely cautious piss..

Brushed my teeth..

Layed back..

An enjoying this little splash of variety
in an otherwise highly boring November
evening incarcerated in New York City..

Before i forget,
If i ever needed any re-assurance
that we were going nowhere fast..

The sight of someone big enough to pick you up with one hand
holding what looked like that grenade launcher the Terminator uses
to escape the Cyber dyne building in Terminator 2..

You know..

That fuckin' DIRTY smoke grenade launcher?

Imagine that but with rubber bullets.

Good times.


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