Wednesday, 31 October 2012

That how you gonna carry me Dog

For some reason..

All the streetlamps across the road are out..

A little bit of a change of scenery
for me on this Sunday night in
New York City..

I'm slowly drinking a cup of coffee..

The place is pretty quiet tonight..

I like it.


Took a nice hot shower before locking in..

Washed all my clothes..

An now i'm settling in for the evening..

I can feel a cool breeze blowing through
the vent that's opposite my bed.

I'm a little tired but i feel pretty content right now,
hence me putting pen to paper.

My eyes are tired and sore from all the soap,
last time i looked in the mirror they was kinda
red too..

With the hat i bought him for his birthday cocked to one side,
my bunkie is brushing his teeth..

Every so often leaning to one side to spit
mouthfulls of minty toothpaste into the steel toilet..

You never spit in the sink in prison..

"Cos' it's nasty..toothpaste stains..all kinda nasty ass shit..y'know what i mean"

(I don't know what he means but still you don't do it so i don't do it..)

He raises a big sweatshirt-clad arm an clicks the light on..

I ask what he's doing..

A second later..

I see a stream of liquid erupt from his face onto the mirror..

A few insults get hurled..

An he just laughs..


After cleaning the mirror,
he finally clicks the light off an stands in
the middle of the room holding a piece of
tissue on his face..

Then walks over to my bed,
resting his hands and chin on
my mattress..

"You see when it bust?"

More insults are hurled..

Which prompts him to un-ravel
the piece of tissue and hold it above his head..

"Look dog look"

I'm not looking..


Before he climbs down onto his bed for the evening,
i ask him if he has ever seen that movie..

"What movie?"

I fart..

More insults..

An another day is down..

My coffee tastes really good by the way.


I been rockin' it with a couple scoops of hot chocolate in it,
an busting a couple of mints in it too..

"Yo what the fuck IS that Timmy? Hot chocolate?"

I explain.

"Timmy always be makin' some DUMB SHIT yo!"


"NAH but hold UP! Word to my MOTHER i be tryin' some'a
that shit TImmy be makin', that shit be a'IGHT son!!

I've got to find SOME way to give my life a little bit of variety..

More often than not..

It is found in putting 'dumb shit' together..


But you probably knew that already..

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