Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No white tshirts

Today is a beautiful day,
for one, i'm up early as FUCK..

This is VERY out of the ordinary..

I get up early everyday to grab breakfast but
usually heard right back to sleep..

Not today..

I'm sitting at the back of a long white corridor,
sandwhiched between the wall and a table.

On the table sits a cup of coffee, my radio,
a bowl full of apple skins and a bowl of cereal,
diced apples pieces and a little piece of cake
crumbled in it..

This is Timothys breakfast!

Everything is quiet, the sun is blaring through the bars on the window,
it's making me squint and frown, i look like a stubborn child,
which isn't that far from the truth in the bigger picture..

I'm wearing a brown tshirt that has had one arm removed, not be me i might add,
the colour of the shirt is slightly off and it's a about three washes away from giving
out on me..

There's some decent tunes on the radio keeping me semi-conscious,
i have things to do this morning so i can't climb back into bed right now..

Before eating my poor mans breakfast i pray,
let it be known that i am thankful for waking up today,
the food i have been given, the people who despite this not being
the most ideal situation for a human being to find themselves in,
help get me through my day making me laugh and smile, lastly,
i ask that my parents, family and loved ones are all kept healthy,
happy and safe..

Milk is poured on my mix of fruit and cereal..

An i enjoy my breakfast..


What needs to be done..




Plus i was just notified that it's my turn to clean up.

The 'joke' i tried to spit reminding that i actually cleaned
up last week and it's not my turn to do it this week,
i think it lacked in comic timing..



After overly-enthusiastically mopping and sweeping,
i quickly shave, mop up the copious amounts of blood and
flesh out of the sink, an sling my balls into the shower..

Last night before i went to sleep,
my 'best clost' got wedged underneath my mattress,
it gives them the impression they might
have been ironed..

Clean clothes?

Clean balls?

This motherfucker has a visit today!

I havn't actually spoke to my bredren in the days leading upto today,
i'm hoping he actually makes it in, we walk some shit, an drink some Ice-T,
otherwise i'm gonna be flossin' the Gucci face sittin' all dressed up on my jaes,
like a melon that got stood up on a date..

That wouldn't be cool..


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