Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I got a couple of plain books sent to me around Christmas time,
an i've been filling them full of random shit. When i have something on my mind,
i write it down. or when i need a reminder of certain things i'll either write it down
or go through the books an see if there is something that can help me get through
whatever it is i'm subjecting myself to on any given day..

"Those days when you feel your most tired, weak and like giving up,
these are your best opportunities for growth and improvement.

At those times when your thoughts start to wander,
pick yourself up an go do something, go work out, sketch, write,
note down what it is you're thinking, take that negative energy
and disperse of it instead of letting it build momentum.

Writing throughts onto paper seems a little daunting sometimes,
but you don't actually have to do anything with it, you don't even need
to keep it, dash it in the trash if you want, the point is instead of leaving
those unhelpful and imobolising thoughts fester and circle in your mind,
you let them out, did something with them, now you can move on with
your day knowing you did something constructive and positive in a time
of difficulty.

You took a possible excuse for time wasted and instead turned it into
a reminder of how capable you are of dealing with whatever life throws
at you."

I almost have a book full of shit like this,
i'm sure it will be amusing to look back on it someday.

I might view it as the ramblings of someone going through
a mild bout of insanity or some very interesting words from a
time in my life where i was sober enough to actually understand
a few things and learn something.

Time will tell i guess.

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