Thursday, 14 June 2012

Life & Style Magazine


"Yo Dog"

"What's up"

"You see this stink bitch?"


"i wanna fuck this lil' tramp"

"Yeh..she's nice"

"I'd fuck her dead in her ass. right in her STINK ass,
then i'd blast off in her face an leave.
Jus' like that my n****r.."


"You know this stinkin' cracker?"

"err yeh i think so"

"I'd knock a whole in her ass"


"Because she's a millionaire"


"You think n****r's is that thirsty in the street? N****r's ain't hittin' that! That'd be a lotta work
though my n****r, n****r's gonna be hatin' when they see a motherfucker goin' after that bread"

"No doubt"

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