Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mr Wop

I'm sitting at the computer writing an email, an some dude i know comes and asks me if i'm writing to a chick. I
say yes, an he replies "i got some wild shit for you son" and runs off..when he returns, he has a piece of paper with
this shit written on it..
"son this'll get you mad pussy" he claims..

Lassette recieves a threatening message on her answer machine, she brushes it off as someones idea of a joke. But the sinister calls keep coming-each more terrifying than the last, and she can't ignore them any longer. Finally she hires a hunky bodyguard named Mr Wop to protect her. The moment Mr Wop and Lassette meet, sparks fly. Even though their attraction is intense, Wop vows to ignore his urges because he wants to keep things professional. After someone breaks into Lassettes house, trashes the place, Wop brings her back to his nearby houseboat where she'll be safe for the night. Lassette finds it hard to sleep, though knowing that Wop is just across the hall. In the middle of the night she pays him a visit with some naughty thoughts on her mind..
 Wop let out a breath, stared at his closed door. As much as he hated to admit it, his growing attraction toward her was also keeping him up. She was staying in the guest room on the houseboat, and all he wanted to do was walk in and kiss her. No, he reminded himself! It would ruin his focus. Besides, there was too much at stake right now for him to take any foolish risk. But when he heard the door to her room open, her footsteps stop just outside his door his heart beat faster.
 Temptation-greater than anything he had ever experienced beforem overtook him. When his door opened, he leaned up on an elbow, staring at her. Her long flowing red hair shone in the moonlight, her beautiful eyes sparkled, Wop could see the outline of her full breast beneath her thin cotton tshirt. At that instant, Wop knew she would be harder to resist than he had thought. He yawned, attempted to act disinterested..
"what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be sleep?"
Lassette smiled, stepped closer to Wops bed
"Oh..i get it" he said, hoping she'd leave before he did something he'd regret. He decided to play it cool,
"still a little uptight from today, are you? Figured a roll in the sack with a sexy ass bodyguard might take the edge off? sorry,
last time i checked that wasn't part of my job description"
Lassette stepped further towards him. In spite of what he said, she sensed the desire between them. He wouldn't be able to hold out while she was around.
"You're a lousy liar" she said
"i think you want to spent the night together as much as i do"
Before Wop could protest anymore, Lassette slowly pulled her shirt over her head, let it drop to the floor.
 Wops pulse raced as she crawled across the sheets on her hands, knees an straddled him,
all golden limbs, honey coated nipples.
"I'm a big girl now Wop" she whispered,
"I don't need you to protect me tonight, i just want you"
Before he knew what he was doing he leaned forward to kiss her. His mouth on hers was rough and greedy..
 With each dip of his head, each exquisitely tender caress of his lips, Wop drew out the urgency until Lassette was
delirous with arousel. Lassettes hands drifted down his muscular back, then lowed to squeeze his butt, Wop delved further in with his tongue, matched the rythm of his hips as they rocked against hers. He could have kissed her like that forever, just playing with her soft lips, swallowing her lusty sighs. He paused, then trailed his fingers up her ribcage, cupped on a supple breast in his hand. her breath caught as her nipple hardened against his touch.
"you're gorgeous Lassette" he whispered,
before he lowed hes head and pressed his mouth to her flesh. he flicked his tongue against her breast, when he moved his hands along her body, she trembled with anticipation, parted her things in a wanting invitation for him to touch her there. Ever so slowly, he peeled her panties off, then teased her by trailing his hand up the sides of her thighs.
 Finally, he slipped a finger inside her, and she released a cry. Her body writhed while he stroked her, bucking against his hand, moaning her pleasure. Soon he slid down her body, let himself taste the part of her he'd been craving most. He licked, sucked, deep, made a long pass along her pussy with his tongue, felt her hands caress the back of his bald head. He teased her with luscious licks until she was all but screaming. At last, Wop crawled back up her body, taking his time to linger and nuzzle. It took everything Lassette had to wrap her arms around my neck and pull my mouth to hers for a lazy lingering kiss. Minutes later, she seductively stoked my dick, slipped off my boxers, Lassette sucked Wops dick like it was a lollipop...She was starving of sweetness..Up and down the shaft, around the head, down to the balls, even lingered around his asshole. Wops body throbbed with need as he said..
"i can't wait anymore"
He parted her legs, entered her in one slow stroke. The pressure she'd been feeling started anew, taking her even higher than before. All she could do was think of him inside her, filling her so full she could barely absorb the pressure. She felt like she was flying as he banged that dick into her, over and over again. Deep. Hard. So absolutely strong. She no longer knew where her breath ended and his began, and when he thrust on final time, lifting her with him, taking her along, she no longer cared. All that mattered was the mind-blowing sensations at that moment. When his body collapsed on top of her, she welcomed his weight. She held him tightly against her, loving the heat of his body, satisfied with the steady cadence of breathing. He didn't want her going anywhere now. She could sense it in the way he buried his face in her hair, breathed her in. Lassette didn't know where this would lead, but she knew she was falling for this sexy n****r in her arms..Word.

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