Monday, 13 December 2010


One the outside, i listened to a lot of music.
That has obviously somewhat changed since September..
 The majority of people in here, listen to the worst type of music in the world. I'm talking about the type of fake ass hip hop that is all the rage nowdays, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy etc etc...It's terrible. You know what type of music i'm talking about, the 'MC' sounds like he's had a stroke, is 'spitting' really slowly, just talking about how much money he has, all the bitches in the club, what cars they own etc etc..Give it a fucking rest. Who cares? Morons, that's who.

 I'd like to think i have a varied taste in music. I try to switch things up, and give most shit a try. Favourites would be funk, soul, grime, hardcore, indie and electro. On any given day, or any given playlist, i can flip between D Double E OOH OOH, Earth wind and Fire, Shattered Realm, Stevie Wonder, The Black Keys, The Twelves and so on..
 Sadly for me, mostly things that are not on the radio. Well, not on the radio here anyway..
 From the moment of my arrest, i went a LONG time without hearing ANY kind of music. Nothing. Which was fucking hard! I didn't realise it for a long time, it was only after i heard someone spitting some bars at recreation that i was like "shit, i havn't actually heard a tune in TIME". It was probably a good month and a half i went, in silence (metaphorically, it's loud as a mother fucker up in this joint).
 My cellie at the time Swizzy had been transfered from another prison, and had been waiting to get his belongings sent over for quite a while..when they finally arrived, he had a spare radio, and was kind enough to lend it to me..
 I'll never forget first lying down on my waifer thin mattress on that Saturday night. It was very emotional to listen to, it was like i had been thrown a lifeline back to me as a person..instead of me the guilty until proven innocent criminal. The first tune i heard. It gave me hope, faith and a little bit of my life back. It reminded me who i was, instead of a faceless convict in a concrete tomb. (post the video for the tune after this paragraph, the song is called 'pupu was a rolling stone' the chorus says 'wherever he laid his hat was his home, and when he died...something somethign. you'll find it, its funky)
It took me a while to find some good radio stations. Unsuprisingly, none of them play Terminator MC (put a link to one of his freestyles) or Knuckledust, but i guess i'm going to have to make do for now. The good stations and sets i have found, have become the best thing i look forward to all week..98.7 Kiss FM on a sunday for soul and 89.9 WKCR on a tuesday night for Bluegrass, and Saturdays for reggae and funk. They have digital online broadcasts for those of you in the Uk, so on a Tuesday and a Sunday, tune in...and know that i'm listening too with you..
 It has to be said, the prospect of no grime for the next few years is a depressing one..At least the for now, i can have a bit of comfort knowing that i really am, in this place, "CONNECTED TO MORE GANGS THAN ROSS KEMP, MANCHESTER BACK DOWN TO KENT, THEY'LL DRAW FOR THE LENG 100 PER CENT" :D

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  1. - Papa was a Rollin' Stone (Temptations) - Terminator MC Freeflow - Kiss FM online - 89.9 WKCR online