Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Americas Demonising of Islam

There are many different people from many different walks of life in this shithole. I'm surrounded by petty drug dealers, murderers, bank robbers (word up sha!), cold blooded killers, drug barons, and terror suspects.
 In the light of recent news reports of terror sects being up and running in america, and the constant attempts of the american media to paint Islam in the worst possible view, i thought i'd share a fellow inmates story with you...

 The American government has many undercover operatives. It might not suprise you to hear that there are a lot of undercover police working in mosques. The reason, most people would assume, is to listen out for any kind of extremist behaviour, terrorist plans or anything along those lines..not encourage them.
 It was brought to my attention that while attending a Mosque in New York, this inmate was approached by an undercover police operative..who openly spoke about his hatred for the United States, and was actually encouraging the other young, impressionable, congragation to adopt these radical views. To go further, this individual was actually going to poor neighbourhoods in the Bronx and Queens, trying to recroute members to his plan. Once there were enough people, he asked these poor young men if they wanted to make some money. One hundred thousand dollars to blow up a mosque.
 That is a lot of money. Not that that would sway me personally, but being from a poor background being offered that amount of money to blow up a mosque (on a day when no one would be inside, the aim was no casualties) seems like a choice some people would have a hard time turning down.
 Some didn't.
This government agent then gave these young men GROUND TO AIR MISSILES (think bazookas) that had had the ignition ripped out/deactivated. Then four days before the actual plan was set to go, they were arrested, plastered all over the local media as these animals that had been planning to kill hundreds or worshipers and labeled a 'terror sect' that had been plotting the attack for years. Depsite the leader being a CIA operative, and actually organising the plan himself..
Come to your own conclusions. Mine is, it's fucked up.

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